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Jansen Senate Testimony Against Driver’s Licenses as National IDs

Statement by J. Bradley Jansen, Free Congress Foundation ”A License to Break the Law? Protecting the Integrity of Driver’s Licenses” hearing Senate Subcommittee on Oversight of Government Management, Restructuring and the District of Columbia Committee on Government Affairs April 16, 2002 Oral prepared testimony here Questions and Answers here

Joint Comments on Suspicious Activity Reports to FinCEN

Joint Comments on Suspicious Activity Reports to FinCEN 2002 FinCEN P.O. Box 39 Vienna, VA 22183-0039 Submitted by email Attention: Revisions to PA Systems of Records-Comments We are writing to comment on the proposed changes to the Suspicious Activity Report System (the “SAR System”). Our primary concerns relate to the unintended consequences to privacy […]

What Will 9-11 Mean?

What Will 9-11 Mean? Commentary by J. Bradley Jansen March 27, 2002 As we take time to look back at the shocking tragedies of six months ago and reflect, we should also take the time to look both farther back in history and also to our future. The day after the attack, Paul Weyrich explained […]


WILL WTO OR CONGRESS RULE? Commentary by J. Bradley Jansen March 20, 2002 Last week we witnessed a mixed blessing: the World Trade Organization started lording over us and the Republican leadership in Congress signaled their intention to stand up for America. Some of our European trading partners, most notably the French, aim to use […]

Money and Property Rights

Money and Property Rights March 6, 2002 By J. Bradley Jansen and Matt Sekerke An important test faces Congress and President Bush: Will we move back toward the Rule of Law and respect for contracts and property rights – or does our government still not know what the meaning of “is” is? Whether or not […]

National ID Fraud

NATIONAL ID FRAUD By J. Bradley Jansen Free Congress Commentary February 13, 2002 This week, the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA) convened in Washington, DC and lobbied Congress for a handout to implement a de facto National Identification system. The AAMVA claims that they need federal tax dollars before they will raise standards […]

Super Bowl Scandal

SUPER BOWL SCANDAL By J. Bradley Jansen February 6, 2002 Last Sunday, we were treated to an upset Super Bowl game that came down to the wire for a win (by the aptly-named for the times) New England Patriots football team. In addition to a great game, we were treated to the best advertisements in […]

Let’s leave law-abiding businesses alone

Let’s leave law-abiding businesses alone By Brad Jansen January 28, 2002 While (so far?) lacking a sexual impropriety with a young intern angle, the Enron story elicits strong reaction with buzzwords and soundbites: scandal, paper shredding, subpoenas, political contributions, Congressional hearings, fraud and a spectacular stock price rise and fall. While there are a host […]

Why do governments hate money?

Why do governments hate money? By J. Bradley Jansen January 14, 2002 Why do governments hate money? What people want from their money is a good store of value, medium of exchange, unit of measurement and universal acceptance-without it tracking their movements for Big Brother. Private markets used to provide good commodity money before governments […]