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CFPHR letter calling for “most transparent” presidential administration

CFPHR letter calling for “most transparent” presidential administration August 24 2007.

letter calling for “most transparent” presidential administration“>Most Transparent Letter

When taking the oath of office, elected officials assume a solemn duty as stewards of public resources. The public must trust that its government will spend taxpayer dollars in a way that is responsible, efficient and, above all, open to the lightof day. Some unfortunate events in recent years have eroded this public trust. As a candidate for the Presidency of theUnited States, you are in a unique position to rebuild that trust.
We call upon you to accept and sign the Oath of Presidential Transparency.
The Oath of Presidential Transparency makes two commitments to the American public. First, the Oath of PresidentialTransparency commits you to being THE most transparent Administration in American history - a lofty, laudable, far-reaching goal. This oath signals that whether it’s earmarks, directives, or ongoing management of taxpayer expenditures,the goal of transparency will be evident throughout all policy making aspects of your Administration.
Second, the Oath of Presidential Transparency specifically commits your Administration to full and robust implementationof the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFAT Act) of 2006.
This historic legislation brought together individuals from across the ideological divide to make the federal governmentimmensely more transparent and accountable as to the expenditure of taxpayer resources. For the first time in our history,taxpayers will soon - if this legislation is implemented fully and comprehensively - be able to easily learn about and moreknowledgeably participate in the national dialogue on the expenditure of their monies and the administration of their government.
Specifically, the Oath of Presidential Transparency commits each candidate to issue an Executive Order within 30 days of the start of the new Administration directing all members of the Executive Branch to join the President in the timelyimplementation of the letter and spirit of the FFAT Act.
Our country is at a crossroads. The question is no longer “right track - wrong track.” The new Administration must get ourcountry “Back on Track,” and a strong commitment to transparency will do much to restore confidence in our nation’sleader and the ongoing work of his or her - indeed, OUR - government.
We, the above signed organizations, look forward to working with you to make this a reality and to restore the public’sfaith in its government.

Please return signed Oath of Presidential Transparency to Amanda K. Hydro viaEmail at [email protected], fax at (202) 315-3623 or US mail at 1747 Connecticut Ave. NW Washington, DC 20009.
Oath of Presidential TransparencyFor Open, Transparent, and Accountable Government
I, __________________________, candidate for President of the United States, pledgeto the American Public that, if elected President of the United States, my administrationwill be fully and robustly committed to open, transparent, and accountable governmentprinciples. Effective management, accountability, transparency, and disclosure of taxpayer-expended resources by federal agencies are of the utmost importance to maintain thetrust of the American people. The paramount goal is effective and efficient delivery of critical government programs to the American people. Results-oriented management of federal agencies and taxpayer resources must be aggressively pursued and must providemaximum value for the public good. Within 30 days of accession to the Presidency, I will execute an Executive Orderensuring timely implementation of, and administrative commitment to, the letter andspirit of the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency (FFAT) Act of 2006(PL# 109-282, 120 Stat. 1186). ____________________________________ ____________________________Signature Date